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    The Green Gallery, Buchlyvie supports Artlink Central through an annual Christmas Fair. Click the image to visit the Gallery Website.

    Arts and Young People 

    Artlink Central has focussed on work in Stirling on children with additional support needs and in Falkirk with children with emotional, social, behavioural difficulties as well as with additional support needs. The work is supported by Service Level Agreement s with Education Services in the local authorities.  

    In Falkirk, Artlink runs a programme aimed at primary schools with an agreed application process with the local authorites for schools to bid for an Artlink Central project. This work usually focuses on enhanced provision, with other projects focussed on social inclusion. Rural schools, in particular, are targeted. The work includes supporting autism units, work with children with complex needs. This can also extend to focussing on schools with poorer HMIE inspection performances. 

    Additionally Artlink Central works with Falkirk Day Unit, a provision for excluded children with emotional social behavioural issues. This has been funded for a number of years by Artlink Central through the  Forth Valley Substance Action Team and Lloyds TSB Foundation for Scotland, PDI initiative, funding ending March 2010. In 2009, the programme was highlighted as an example of good practice in an HMIE inspection of the unit. 

    In Stirling Council, the work has historically focussed on social inclusion, but from 2009 onwards, the focus has moved towards supporting transition work for children moving to secondary school. Projects work with children in specialist and small base provisions with a large focus on work with autistic children. There remains some social inclusion work and a pilot scheme for supporting transitions for children moving out of secondary school who have a creative interest will be introduced. 

    Artlink Central has also traditionally fundraised for its ‘annual Children in Need project’ although this has not always been with Children in Need funding. This programme tends to be across council boundaries and is artistically driven by the organisation. Recent programmes have included ‘Stories on Safari’ and ‘Future Fossils’.  

    Lead contacts – Programme Coordinators, Sylvia Woodford (Stirling) & Julie Law (Falkirk)