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    Arts and Social Inclusion (replacing original planned programme of summer examination period projects)

    Summer 2010 programme ‘Art & Social Inclusion’

    Outline: Develop and deliver a programme of inclusive arts experiences that promote social inclusion for pupils with additional learning need within a mainstream setting

    Participants – 16 pupils in two groups varied from P2-P6 per school, with additional support needs & mainstream, one group focused on pupils with English as a second language. Participating schools: Bannockburn P.S.; Borestone P.S.; Bridge of Allan P.S.; Cornton P.S.; Cowie P.S.; Fallin P.S.; Riverside P.S. (autism) and (E.A.L.)

    Intended Outcomes

    • Participation in arts promoting inclusion
    • Improved relationships amongst peers and staff
    • Learning new skills  or building on existing skills

    Content – Schools applied for a social inclusion project. Each project was devised individually to according to the needs of the children concern and school themes for the term.

    • Bannockburn P.S. – Children explored the theme of Scotland in the middle ages, visiting Stirling Castle and creating a large mosaic of figures and events from history.               
    • Borestone P.S. – Taking class topics of the Rainforest P3-4 & India P6, pupils created silk painted banners   
    • Bridge of Allan P.S. - To produce and display work on the theme of Scotland on the school walls.               
    • Cornton P.S.  – Storytelling and felt-making as inspired by theme for P4 of hot and cold lands, the weather for P5.     
    • Cowie P.S. - Project mainly to improve self-esteem amongst the group. Pupils to use junk modelling and sculpture to make mini beasts/creatures to go on to the external school wall in the playground.                                        
    • Fallin P.S. - Senior nurture group, who have been identified as having social emotional and/or behavioural difficulties and mainstream peer, explored feelings this term and the ceramics project created sculptures of people with interchangeable heads/expressions to help demonstrate emotions.                                               
    • Riverside P.S. (autism) - Drama workshops looking at the themes of bodies and dinosaurs                   
    • Riverside P.S. (E.A.L.) - Puppet making and performance to encourage language & communication skills

    View flickr gallery for projectOutcomes  - 148 fully met, 98 partially met, 10 not met

    Impact Statements                                                                                                                                                                    Participants gained confidence by contributing and achieving in group discussions and tasks. They were also pleased to acknowledge individual achievements and were delighted with the completed artwork. Staff were present all the time and [the teacher] was extremely enthusiastic and helpful.’ Susie O’Bryne, Artlink Central Lead Artist –Bannockburn P.S. project

    ‘…preparation by artists was not always sufficient, but he was able to support this. Children have thoroughly enjoyed the project. All mainstream but some with significant additional support needs. Very positive comments from children. Children thoroughly enjoyed the project’. – Gillian Robertson, Depute Headteacher, Borestone Primary School

    ‘Socially all children benefited but used to develop English progress was limited. Confidence developed through activities. Relationships within the group improved not only with children but also with adults. Relationships with adults didn’t extend vocabulary/language to engage children. All very enthusiastic and got on well as a group. Tasks were appropriate to the needs of all children.’ Lina Horsburgh, Headteacher, Bridge of Allan P.S.

    ‘Mainstream children have gained a better understanding of the children from the provision. Relationships have improved particularly with children from the provision. All children enjoyed the session.’ Ruth McCaskell, Riverside Primary School


    These projects were developed after a selection process where schools applied for a project. Overall the programme was successful with a few key areas of learning for Artlink Central in terms of stressing the importance of planning before sessions to artists. Project requests varied in terms of curriculum area but all wanted an end performance or to exhibit a large-scale art work.