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    Arts and transition from Primary to Secondary School (specialist provision)

    Spring 2010 programme

    ‘What’s Cool about School’

    Outline: Develop and deliver a programme of inclusive arts experiences that promote smooth transition from primary to secondary school for children with additional support needs that will be making use of secondary specialist provisions.

    Participants - Children in primary 7 coming to Secondary specialist provision as part  induction process, meeting of P7 & existing S1 pupils.

    Participating schools: St Modan’s H.S.(special provision); Wallace H.S. (Ochil House)

    Intended Outcomes

    • Participation in arts promoting inclusion
    • Supporting young people to make a successful transition to secondary settings
    • Improved relationships amongst peers and staff
    • Learning new skills  or building on existing skills

    Content - Drama workshops that culminated in a sharing/performance day held in each school. Pupils help devise drama around what they were looking forward to doing in High School and in the future. The performances were also accompanied by video & still photography.

    Outcomes  - All outcomes met fully, one school did not provide individual targets

    Impact Statements                                                                                                                                                        

    The group developed greatly in their self confidence, felt strong sense of identity with this created group and a shared excitement about their new future together at school. The group rose to the occasions for the performance and enjoyed working with their adrenalin to be involved in a live performance.’ Karen McGrady-Parker, Artlink Central Drama Artist.

    ‘Pupils thoroughly enjoyed every session and looked forward to coming to the High School. They became more confident as the weeks went on and developed good working relationships with one another. Their communication became much clearer as they shared ideas and information and were able to display these very competently and confidently with staff and audience.

    Staff appreciated learning new techniques used in Drama and noting the progress of each pupil. They enjoyed getting the opportunity to get to know the pupils in a different setting before they arrive in their new school.

    Very worthwhile transitional activity. Great group of kids who enjoyed being in one another’s company. Great leader. Karen was absolutely fantastic and presented all activities at  a level which suited the kids. She always kept the children focused and made the tasks very enjoyable for them.’ Bridget Raeside, St.Modan’s H.S.


    This was a project that fitted transition work well. Staff valued the input and there was substantial evidence of increased confidence in creativity and communication by pupils. Some challenges were around varied holidays over half-term. The sharing event was valued as a conclusion to the project.