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    Arts and transition from school for individual creative leavers

    Summer 2010 Programme ‘Creative Leavers’

    Outline: Develop and deliver a programme of inclusive arts experiences that will provide selected individual school leavers with the means to take their creativity forward to other settings

    Participants – 5 Individual pupils with additional support needs Participating schools: St Modan’s H.S and Dunblane High School

    Intended Outcomes

    • Participation in arts
    • Supporting Young People to make a successful transition to jobs, further education or training
    • Supporting Young People to make a successful transition to independance

    Content - Individual projects on a ‘one to one’ basis with selected pupils who have previously shown artistic ability that would be leaving school this summer. Pupils worked on developing their own art to create a portfolio which they could take to future settings to show their ability. The five pupils involved then exhibited some of their work at ‘The Gallery on the Corner’ , Edinburgh, from 13th July -31st July. To date 9 of the 13 pieces of work exhibited have been sold and the children will receive payment for these, less the galleries commission in due course. They also visited the Gallery of Modern Art (Edinburgh) and Dean Gallery for guided tours as part of the programme.

    Outcomes  - 9 targets fully met and 7 partially

    Impact Statements                                                                                                                                                                                         ‘I feel that it may be easier for Artlink to help pupils find creative avenues when they leave school (either as a possible career or as a leisure activity) if the project ran a little earlier in the year. This would allow more time to approach colleges or art groups before they fully leave school.’    Michele Mathieson, Artlink Central Lead Artist

    ‘Prior to the project starting the school had organised for A to enrol in Forth Valley College’s ‘Access to the Creative Arts’ part-time course. I understand that the college have accepted A. Artlink Central liaised with Forth Valley College with regard to what software they would be using for animation in the hope that the same software could be used for this project. However unfortunately the software they use is Apple Mac specific and therefore this was not possible.’                            Sylvia Woodford – Artistic Programmer, Artlink Central

    Prior to the project starting the school had organised for J to enrol in Forth Valley College’s’Life Start’ course at their Stirling campus.  At the ‘Creative Leavers’ launch Sharon Quigley from Artlink Central spoke to J and his family about the new ‘Artreach’ programme which is currently being piloted. It is hoped to organise a small group for the four pupils from St.Modan’s High School so that they would be able to continue with their individual artistic development as adults. J and his family were very keen for him to participate in this…I would definitely like to see J pursue his art; he shows real ability in all respects and can work extremely independently. There is therefore no reason why J could not continue to submit work for show on a commercial basis at ‘the Gallery on the Corner’ and other galleries in future. J was given an A3 canvas portfolio of images of his work that are in the exhibition, other pieces done during the project and his sketchbook for showing his artistic ability to galleries and other future settings.        Sylvia Woodford – Artistic Programmer, Artlink Central

    Conclusions                                                                                                                                                                                            The Creative Leavers project was a very successful pilot, providing participants with the building blocks for taking their artistic interests into adulthood and in furthering these interests into a professional one should they choose to. The creation of a portfolio, selling of work and visits to galleries to show and see work should all encourage confidence in future formal and informal creative participation. Connections have been drawn from this project to other opportunities. With more than half the work selling within a space of two weeks, there is no doubt in the artistic talents of these emerging artists and in their commercial appeal. The strength of this project was in the collaborations with the emerging and professional artists, with National Galleries of Scotland and Gallery on the Corner, as well as teaching staff. Parents and families were effectively engaged. Areas indicated for development include scheduling earlier in the year and creating a suitable evidence base. This project would also benefit from further tracking of the artists.