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    Artlink Central, together with children from various Stirling schools rcreated ‘The Perfect Ten’ – a collective exhibition of children’s artwork as part of our on-going inclusive schools arts programme.

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    ‘The Perfect Ten’ formed part of a new initiative between Artlink Central and Stirling Council Children’s Services, ‘Arts & Transition Programme’, which saw selected primary 7 pupils , who, it was felt, would benefit from
    additional support in their transition from primary to High School, visiting their future high schools to meet and participate in this creative project together.

    The project focused on the theme of promoting the reduction of carbon emissions by 10% in 2010, because it is relevant to the curriculum and allowed a scientific and fascinating topical subject to be approached in a fun and imaginative way that appealed to and engaged the children. During the project the children looked at the environmental issues surrounding carbon emissions and the way we can all help reduce carbon emissions.

    It is hoped that the projects have raised the awareness of the children and the general public on carbon emissions and how we can all contribute to their reduction.

    Participating Schools:-

    Balfron High School (Balfron P.S; Buchanan P.S; Killearn P.S.)
    Stirling High School (Allans P.S; Borestone P.S; Riverside P.S; St. Ninian’s P.S.)
    St. Mary’s Roman Catholic Primary School
    Wallace High School (Bridge of Allan P.S; Fallin P.S; Raploch P.S; Riverside P.S)


    ‘I felt that the Artlink project was a great success. Those putting on the programme (Margaret & Alison) did it in an engaging and fun way that kept the pupils entertained and involved for each of the sessions. The hands on approach of the project worked very well and gave the young people a great experience as well as a useful skill. The young people were also given a great freedom on what  they wanted in their postcard that seemed to give them a sense of ownership of it. There was also a good amount of time spent letting the pupils involved get familiar with the processes and tools involved before they actually took on making the final piece.

    When I spoke to those involved they all said they enjoyed it and were sad when the last week came around. Some of the highlights I picked up from them were when they got to bring in old jeans and towels to make into pulp and put on their postcard. They also liked getting to know some of the pupils from the other primary schools in the area as they will be going to High School with them after the summer.’ James Bissett, Youth Worker, Balfron High School

    ‘It has been useful to meet and work more closely with some of next years S1 pupils observing the pupils over a five week period has been useful.’ Bill Veitch, Stirling High School


    We would like to thank the staff of the schools, the artists and the children for their enthusiasm. Without them it would not have been possible to present such vibrant and creative displays of artworks.
    Artlink Central would also like to extend their thanks to Emily Harvey, Carbon Neutral Community Facilitator, Going Carbon Neutral Stirling, who visited the projects and gave valuable advice and information with regard to carbon emissions.